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Discussion on: Switching back to my old buddy Sublime Text from VS Code 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Pratik Rane • Edited on

Did you just forget to mention something for integrated terminal?! Here I mention it for you! :D

Terminus: Bring a real terminal to Sublime Text

After installing here is something more to it.

  • To open terminal with "Ctrl+Alt+T" follow below steps
  1. Go to Preferences> PackageSettings> Terminus> KeyBindings
  2. Replace everything in right window with the following code

    //Open as many terminal in new tab with 'ctrl+alt+t'
    "keys": ["ctrl+alt+t"],
    "command": "terminus_open",

  • To make it horizontally split like IDE's go to View> Layout> Select "Rows: 2"

Sublime with Terminus