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Share Split: Indian Sharing App to Transfer Files


Share Split app enables quick and easy file transfer without internet usage. Share Split app created by Prateek Sawhney is a better and easy to use sharing app with fast and stable transfer speeds. Share any kind of files including apps, games, obb files, photos, videos in a fast and efficient way. Share Split makes it easy to send files and apps to other devices in local network. Enjoy 100% seamless transfer of files and apps across various devices!

Transfer and Share in a few clicks ->

⭐ Share videos, music, photos, documents, obb files via android phones.
⭐ Ability to share multiple folders and large files with one single click.
⭐ Complete ad free experience and hassle free automatic fast transfer of apps and files.
⭐ Absolutely without any mobile data usage. No need to turn Internet off. One can use mobile data in between large transfers. Mobile data usage does not affect the transfer speed.
⭐ No need to turn your internet off! Yes, you read it right. With Share Split, data and apps can be sent smoothly across different platforms along with the usage of WiFi.
⭐ Send files and apps with Share Split from other android applications like Gallery, Google Docs and Google Photos.
⭐ Instant large file transfers and app transfers in the form of apk. Device apps are transferred in the form of apk. Send apk of the installed applications to other devices with the use of Share Split.
⭐ Option to become hidden in the local network.
⭐ Share history shows all the transfers performed including apps and files.
⭐ Indian Sharing Application - Made with ❤ in India

Why Share Split App?

⚡ Bulk Transfer Large Files
Look no further than Share Split when you need to transfer massive folders. You can share multiple large files and folders with one click!

⚡ Transfer files with flash speed
Send and receive any type of files, apps, music, games, obb files, documents, pdf's and more in no time. Transfer 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

⚡ No Ads
Enjoy a completely Ad free experience with no disruptions when sharing files. Receive files without any limitations. Receive contacts, apps, images, videos, music, documents, etc. easily.

⚡ No Loss in Quality
Send large files without any limitations and maintain the original file size. Send as much as you can with no loss in quality.

⚡ Only Storage Permission
In order to send and receive files, Share Split needs only the permission to read and write files on your Android device or the Storage Permission.

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