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Eight Steps to solve coding interview question

Recently I have started giving lots of coding interviews online. Lately, when I was asked to solve a coding problem, I realized that my approach to solving the problem was not good, which always made me move in the wrong direction and not solve the problem. I started studying my way of solving a problem and realized what I was doing wrong.

After lots of study and efforts, I came up with Eight (8) steps to solve a coding problem. After following these steps, I solved the problem with ease and in a proper way. Here I'm sharing with you the tips to solve a coding problem. Let's go ahead with an example question.

Eight Steps to solve coding interview question

Step 1: Verify the constraints.

Step 2: Write out some test cases.

Step 3: Figure out a solution without a code.

Step 4: Write out your solution in code by hand.

Step 5: Double check for errors.

Step 6: Test your code with your test cases.

Step 7: Analyzing Space & Time complexity.

Step 8: Can we optimize our solution?

To go through the steps in details please click here eight steps to solve coding interview question.

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