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Frontend Architecture Decision making and checklist

Before getting started with the Architecture planning for a Front end development of a project. Things to be sure and Architect the code base accordingly
Here is the checklist to worth looking in to.

** This is the first set of thoughts **

  1. Responsiveness (Web, Mobile etc) Multi-Browser support (chrome, firefox, safari with versions) Is IE Support required?
    1. Feature flagging (A/B testing of a set of features for user groups based on location etc before releasing to all)
    2. Role-based access
    3. SEO - Server-side rendering
    4. PWA - Mobile Web (Offline first, Network first)
    5. Realtime data sync - Is realtime data syncing is required, in that case, we can think of Web socket or any other approach.
    6. Security - What are the security measures to be considered
    7. Internationalization
    8. Accessibility - Accessibility is the practice of making your websites usable by as many people as possible.
    9. Performance first -

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