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Good post. Thanks for sharing your productivity hacks. I am a big fan of keyboard shortcuts and avoid using a mouse if I can.

One problem I had was that I open a few files multiple times a day every day. Both Apple's Spotlight and Alfred are great for finding files but I wanted a very focused way of reaching my frequently used files without any typing and by just keyboard shortcuts. Some tools out there but ultimately I ended up building one for myself called EasyFinder. Released it last year for everyone to use. Try it out easyfinderapp.com. Oh, and it's free :). If you like EasyFinder, then it is give back time and so share it with your colleagues who introduced you to the world of shortcuts :)

Since you are also a big fan of shortcuts, please give me feedback on EasyFinder, as I am in the middle of building the next versions and want to make it more productive for users.

Sharing apps I use to be productive:
Two productivity apps that I swear by and have used it in all the macs that I used so far are Spectacle and itsycal. And a more recent app that I have been using is HiddenMe.

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