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Deploy a Simple Website Using Github Pages

Pranav Viswanathan
Undergrad Student at Vellore Institute of Technology (Chennai)
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So what is github pages?

Github pages is a feature in github that allows you to deploy static webpages.

How do I do it?

Its actually really simple, lemme walk you through it:

Step 1:
Make a github repository.

Step 2:
Upload a simple .html page with the name as index.html. It is important to note that the name of the web page MUST be index.html
and then commit the change.

Step 3:
Go to
Repository settings -> Pages.

Step 4:
Set the branch to main and save.
You will see a " is ready to be published."

In a few minutes, your website will be ready to view!
And that's it, 4 simple steps and then you have you first website deployed using gitub pages.
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