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Introducing Hascal - Part 1

Pranav Baburaj
Hello, I am @pranavbaburaj, a 14-year-old who really loves programming.
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The Hascal Programming language

Hascal is a small, programming language written in python. It has a C-like syntax, is Fast and Powerful, and it also supports garbage collection

See the official repository here

Hascal is still under development

Installation and setup

Note: As of March 5, 2021, Hascal is only supported for windows, but you can clone the repository and run it

To setup Hascal on your windows machine,

git clone

Now, get into the hascal folder and you can find a build.bat file. Run the file and you have the hascal executable inside of the dist folder.

  • Environment variables

This article explains how to manage environment variables in windows

PATH variable

Copy the location of the dist folder and add it into the PATH variable.

HPATH variable

Copy the location of the hascal/src/hlib folder, create a new environment variable named HPATH and assign it the value of the copied location

Let's dive deep into the language in the upcoming articles

Hope you learned something new, Thank you for reading

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