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What really happened with Aaron Swartz?


Many of the programmer's spend their valuable time on the open source community and platforms. Their work needs to be valuated and should give them the credits when it comes to copying/downloading their contents. 

Now, let us see what is OSS?

Open Source Software (OSS) is a product or in general, computer software that is released under a license (example: MIT) in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to use, study, change, and distribute the software and its source code to anyone and for any purpose.

What are the Open Source communities?

Open Source is a platform where developer's code and maintain their repositories in a decentralized and collaborative manner. It also contains peer-review system, maintain packages, build, deployment, etc.

Examples: GitHub, GitLab, Git, Bitbucket, Heroku, AWS, Azure DevOps, Stack Overflow, etc.


Marak is a well-known coder/developer over GitHub. He was good at his work all the time. He maintained a lot of code repo's and worked on lot of projects over GitHub. #oss and #opensource are the 2 big term's until and unless they get valued. Often OSS developer's make the world keep the lights on but aren't compensated for their time :)

Marak created & maintained a repository which is used by Fortune 500 companies. Which has 2,424,317 Weekly Downloads and 2,571 Dependents.

Image description

Marak was struggling, asked help. Got nothing in return. In protest, he updated the file with the famous quote "What really happened with Aaron Swartz?" and he removed his code (faker.js) from his repository. In the mean-time, GitHub suspended his account for removing something he owned the rights to.

Now the question comes here is:

1) On what basis GitHub removed his account? He wrote the first line of code and he will write the last line as well. He has the right to maintain his code and repositories. On what terms and condition's GitHub has the right to remove his account from the community?

2) When a developer writes the code why can't he get's valued when million's of people download his code and take the credits?


GitHub is just an open source platform to share and maintain code repositories. However, it is not the only choice for a developer!


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This Justin

Pranam, 👐🦶

What do you think about Web 3.0 potentially solving this problem?

Thanks for sharing!