Discussion on: Confession of an average developer

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An average developer here.
Like you, I was also not fascinated by coding. In fact, I got a late start. I started Java development around 25 years of age.

I like cooking and dreamt about film direction. But coding gives superior money than anything else. Also, this is a job where my intellect can be challenged. So I chose this job.

Besides this, I am lazy as hell. I know if I work harder I can become a super developer. But working for it seems so boring.
Thankfully I have got a great mentor who keeps guiding me and that is why I am still in a good job.
Your story motivated me. I found out that I am not alone.

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Regarding the "lazy as hell" part: in my experience lazyness is just a symptom of what you're working on. So I'd suggest to try and find fun and optimally meaningful project to practice on.
And keep in mind that practice compounds. Results will come but it will take a while and someday you'll feel like you just made a giant leap.