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Javascript clock Version 01

Author: Mr. Paul Ramnora
Language: Javascript
Program: Constantly, ticking clock; showing: hours, minutes, seconds
Level: Beginner
Post created: 151120 01:44 AM GMT
Last updated: 151120 01:44 AM GMT

-(NOTE: This article is for web development 'beginners' like myself...; anyone who is far more skilled wouldn't learn much here.)-

First, I went and visited: I witnessed seeing...what I thought was an interesting project:

It shows a landing page...together with raining [.gif]; together with...

  • some title text
  • ticking clock
  • social media icons

...all properly centred on the web page using Flexbox.

I thought this design looked attractive...; so, I started to 'reverse engineer' the code...meaning, trying to take it all apart going, very slowly, bit by bit.

Next, I copied all of the Javascript section code; then, independently, wrote a simple [.html] web page of my own...just to see if I could make that part work; eventually, it did.

Source code:

Live code:

I'm still trying to work out all the rest...

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