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Prakirth Govardhanam
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Document Object Model (DOM) : One Byte Explainer

This is a submission for DEV Challenge v24.03.20, One Byte Explainer: Browser API or Feature.


A Tree represents a structure with branches, nodes and leaves manipulated by Nature to change its layout every season. Similarly, DOM represents a web page structure where elements, attributes and text are manipulated by a Developer's genius.

Additional Context

To access and manipulate the DOM content, JavaScript is fundamentally used. React framework with JSX (JavaScript XML) abstracts DOM access through a virtual DOM. Finally, TypeScript provides static typing for advanced capabilities.

Apologies, if the post seems inappropriate in any sense 😥 . This is my first post and my first challenge in the process of becoming part of a Developer community.
This is the summary of what I have learnt from MDN Documentation and discussions with Chat GPT.

Thank you for this wonderful challenge ! 😍

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