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New into Linux ? Don't worry.... I got your back.

Heyy people !

This is an introductory article over Linux, will be coming up with some great stuff I have collected. 😁😁
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  • Are you curious about what the hell is all this Linux stuff ?
  • Just tried Linux on some friends machine, or just read about how cool it is ?
  • You read somewhere, to be a HaCkEr you need “Kali Linux”
  • You have just started with it are wayy confused and can’t work productively on your Linux machine.
  • Or you have spent some time with Linux, but want to know more about it (This is kinda me)

Don’t worry, I got you covered !
You are at the right web-page.

The more you get to know about it, the more you love it.

Like obviously, nothing is perfect, but Linux just stole my heart (uhmm metaphoric but kinda felt good).

Okay so first things first.
(I promise I won’t bore you & will keep things simple)

Think of Linux as an Ice-Cream, The core team (Linus Torvalds ++) developed the “Linux Kernel” say the Vanilla Icecream, and various organisations, companies people made their own flavour of it.

Even you can make your own flavour of Linux, as the Kernel is Free and opensource!

So a few very popular flavours (officially called distributions or just “distro” to look cool) you might have heard of.

  • Ubuntu
  • Kali Linux
  • Fedora
  • Linux Mint etc.

There is always a debate in the Linux community about which is the best distro, but in my opinion, every distro is best in it’s own way !

Why Linux !

Just don’t think of Linux just being bare bones command line stuff only, It now has full-fledged GUI, in some cases even beating Windows!

  • It’s open source, means you can contribute to your very own OS!
  • It’s free, like completely free. No company is integrating their stuff forcing you to use them..none.
  • It gives you complete control ! It’s you who will decide when to update your system, NOT MICROSOFT....(I hate windows for unwanted huge updates, it just suckks up my internet).
  • Some distros offer quite a lot customisation.
  • And one of the most important one - Security !

And many more, of-course there are some downsides as well, sometimes a bit intimidating for new users, non-tech people..but organisations are working on this as well.

Setting Up

It’s actually simple, a few important points from a beginner's perspective.

  • If you are doing it for the first time, you should install in the Dual Boot mode with Windows, make a separate partition for the same, so that you don’t lose your data.
  • Install it in any secondary drive if you have.
  • You can also try some distros, directly from a pen-drive (That's called Live USB) without installing the entire OS !

Some Links related to installation here

The Terminal

The shortcut for the same : Ctrl + alt + t

The best thing about Linux is simply it’s Terminal !!
If you are going into Computer Science or any sort of software development, you must know Linux, it’s actually important.

Talkin about some distros that I found to be excellent for beginners

  • Linux Mint
  • Zorin OS
  • Elementary OS
  • Ubuntu

Another really cool distro I found was Garuda Linux.

You have any low spec machine?

if Yes, Linux is just life saver for you, trust me, some "LITE" distros are just amazing and can bring you slothy device back to life !

  • Zorin OS LITE : that's what I use as my daily driver, I just love it😍
  • Lubuntu : stands for Lite Ubuntu.
  • Elementary OS : If you want a mac-like layout, just go for it.

Zorin 16 Lite

Here's my Zorin Lite, I customised a-lot, but it's so good.

Comment down what distro you using or are interested about!

Stay tuned with this series, Next I'll be writing about some really good commands you should know and later some really fun and cool commands I found out recently myself !

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