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Prakhar Yadav
Prakhar Yadav

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The inherent flaw in Customer Centric vision

Various companies hold a very Customer Centric vision.

Our customers buy and use our services. No other constituency (e.g., investors, employees, partners) rates above the customer in importance. The success of our business is fully dependent on satisfying our customers, and our business would not exist without them.

The approach behind this vision is as mentioned, "our business would not exist without them[customers]". But if you look closely, do you see that bug? Do you see the inherent flaw in this approach? Well, I do.

You see its very good and appreciative that customers are kept high in the eyes of the organisation, making sure that they are served with the best possible quality that can be provided. It not only makes the customers feel good, but drives a good business for the company as well. Customers are more likely to stick to the organisation than move away to competitors.

But doing this, the company silently pushes "when it comes to customer vs employees, we may not hesitate in cutting you[employee] loose". Now this is not such a good thing, is it? I believe, this kind of contradicts the good leadership principles that should be embedded and enforced in the culture. Your organisation is as good as the people working for you. If you do not keep them as happy, then the employee does not put his heart in his work, thereby degrading the quality of work and product being delivered to the customers.

Yes, customers are extremely important in a customer driven business, but so are employees. It is good that customer importance is being pushed while communicating organisation values, but it is also important to show the employees that they are important and valuable assets to the company.

What do you think about this?

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Well I think the terms "customer centric" is refer to what kind of products or services that we need to build for our customer, not customer vs employees. How the organization treat the employee is in the culture that it build. I agree to your point about "Your organisation is as good as the people working for you"