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Rewarded for 25 days of Leetcode May Challenge

Today I completed 25 days of Leetcode's May challenge, and got rewarded for the same.
I want to share what I have gained & how it feels after these many days of a continuous streak.

The most challenging bit is to be consistent(at least for me). Everything comes next. These days I have pushed myself to just stop all the procrastination at once. I tried to tell myself that it's just one question that I have to do. Nothing more, just one.
Of course, when I did one I pushed myself to solve a next problem related to the one I did that day. The next problem being similar, seemed easy after knowing how to do the 1st one. And so I did atleast a 5 questions a day.

This way I did not only improve my problem solving skills but also I made a habit to code daily.

Desk-plant with macbook

Sharing my progress on a daily basis helped me stay motivated throughout this. I mostly shared it with my friends who are doing the same, and also on twitter.

I noticed that many other domains of software engineering and development had a good supporting community on twitter but not much for those who are involved in competitive coding and problem solving.

Which lead me to make a twitter bot LeetcodeBot which retweets #leetcode #codechef #hackerrank #hackerearth #100DaysOfCode #30DaysOfCode #coding among a few.

This bot will help tweets with these tags, reach masses, and hence one might not feel that he/she is alone in this journey.

At last I got rewarded with 100 leetcoins for maintaining a 25 day streak, which felt great.

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