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So I started with KeepassXC password manager repository on Github.
I tried this because I have a prior experience in Qt Framework and because it was in C++. KeepassXC is a very safe and free password manager and one can use it cross platform and sync all your passwords across all your machines (will describe the process in another post).

So I was looking at the issues and found a feature-request. This one requested an option to change the theme color of the application according to user's will, that user can choose from a color pallet.

I though I can work this out. I searched online how to change colors of application in Qt. I made a dummy application and tried to do that. I managed to do it successfully, so I went ahead and asked maintainer to assign this to me.

The maintainer is very supportive of the learning and assigned this issue, and I made some updates and showcased my work with a video, screenshot and a gif so that it will be easy to understand the working. I implemented what the user asked and would have changed it further, but the maintainer said that this is experimental and may never be merged in the master.

So at the end my work did not be converted to a Pull Request but the maintainer asked me to keep exploring and make changes and manipulations at will for learning purposes. It was good to see that he was encouraging me, and I will do further learning with it, but for now I have an assignment to complete and have to show successful PRs for it.
Hence, I decided to once again go ahead with the hunt for another repo to work on.

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