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CoScreen : A remote pair programming and collaboration tool which makes working together 40% faster

CoScreen enables a multi-user collaboration experience for remote teams on a shared desktop that's unlike every other tool out there .It is a Multi User Screen Sharing, Single User Remote Control, Multi User Remote Control, Cross-User: Copy & Pasting, Mob Collaboration: With More Than 2 Users tool .It has been acquired by Datadog recently . Below I'll be sharing how cool is CoScreen to work with your teams with some use cases.

Pair Programming and Debugging

CoScreen enables developers to pair program effectively from the comfort of their own environment, with their own tools. Pair programming can be done as effectively for remote teams as if they were sharing the same workstation. Seamlessly rotate duties between driver and navigator in a fraction of a second.


Collaborative IDEs are helpful tools for programmers. But you often need to collaborate on much more than code, e.g. on emulators, command line tools and issue management systems. CoScreen enables you to collaborate across all of them and also any other desktop applications.

Teaching to code

Learning a new programming language? Stuck on anything? Often a second set of eyes and hands would help. Get on a CoScreen, share your problem with your peers and mentors, review solutions side-by-side, then fix it together on the fly.

Coding Interviews

Make coding interviews more engaging through simultaneous editing on any IDE or desktop application, multi-user screen sharing, and built-in audio and video chat.

Onboarding & Coaching

Effectively coach new team members through best practices, deploys, infrastructure upgrades, triaging, etc. from anywhere. There's nothing quite so effective for onboarding as solving a problem under pressure. CoScreen makes it easy for senior engineers to walk new team members through the solution of a problem, but with out doing the driving. Instead of just being presented with a solution, work on challenges collaboratively, get instant help whenever necessary and learn faster than ever.

Ops & Incident Response

Late night incidents aren't fun, but they happen. Copying & pasting logs and text over your favorite messaging app works, but not as well as sharing your terminals while debugging the issues live. With CoScreen, simply drag your terminal application to your shared display and work with your team to make production happy again. And everyone can still keep an eye on the issue tracker.

Interactive Team Meetings, Standups & Sprint Demos

Regular check-ins are essential, especially for remote agile teams. Add CoScreen and suddenly everyone can see immediately what everyone has been up to and align faster on what really matters.


CoScreen is free for everybody on Windows and Mac OS . CoScreen Pro is free for students and Non Profits , which is why I am writing about it because I am a student as well as a volunteer for a non profit org and It is a big thing that they thought about us .So I love their pricing which is justified even for working professionals . You can Check the pricing at



You can check CoScreen out for yourselves and your teammates in upcoming as it's free . Can comment what you liked about CoScreen and if you encountered or discovered some additional use cases of CoScreen while working with your mates then comment to let the devs know .

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