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Prahlad Yeri
Prahlad Yeri

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Which Linux Distro Do You Use?

My favorite is Ubuntu and I've been using it since 11.10 to 18.04 LTS (having briefly tested Debian for a few months in between).

What distro do you use?

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Ben Lovy

You picked up the reins from me! I used Ubuntu from 5.10 "Breezy Badger" through 11.10, haven't touched it since :)

Nowadays I dual boot Gentoo and OpenSuSE for a home workstation, Void on my laptop, Arch on a Pi server, and FreeBSD on an older backup server. It's more or less a zoo.

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Prahlad Yeri Author

That's cool! How does Void fare with wifi, touchpad, etc. on laptop? And does it have a large software collection like ubuntu/debian have in their repos? I'm used to having a lamp system and some basic packages like gimp, libreoffice, etc. installed.

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Ben Lovy • Edited on

It's great, actually - I was anticipating more problems than I've had. Wifi/touchpad/battery control all worked out of the box on my 2011 Thinkpad. I use both GIMP and LibreOffice on it regularly, no problems. I think the repos are smaller comparatively but all the major things will be there. I haven't looked into the process for creating your pwn packages yet but the documentation looks thorough.

The only hiccup has been around LibreSSL, which didn't play well with .NET Core. I actually never did solve that one, but don't use dotnet often enough for it to be a dealbreaker. It's also not playing nice with Revery and I'm not sure why yet, it has no problems with any other OCaml tools I use. Both pretty niche edge cases.

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Igor Ilic

I've been using Linux Mint since version 16. Haven't had any issues until version 18 but even than it was minor stuff that just anoyed me more than ot really messed anything.

Like wifi would disconnect 30min after startup so I had and still do need to turn it off and then on again and it works just fine untill I reboot the machine.

Used Ubuntu before that and messed around with some other distros as well(openSUSE, fedora, centos, lUbuntu, backtrack, kali, tails ...)

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Alex Takitani

I've used a lot of distros over the years, started with ZipSlack.

Many years have passed, hours and hours compiling, configuring, testing.

Then I've got into a point where I needed something that just works.

Ubuntu was fine for me until it got Unity that I've hated, then moved to Mint and I'm using it since then.

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Florian Rand

I'm using Debian Buster right now.

My first debian was Woody, after 2 years using slackware (my very first linux distro).

During a few years in the past I'd installed and used mostly everything imaginable, From BSD family (Open, Net and Free), SCO Unixware that a friend and I got our hands, BeOS and UZIX on my MSX.

All that fun ended when I started my Design career and I was forced to use a Mac because that's what people expect you to use.

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I used to use Lubuntu (Which is based on Ubuntu but is supposed to be faster) but the version 18.04 it's not so good, I'm now using Elementary, which is also based on Ubuntu, and It's really cool C:

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I tried installing Elementary OS twice, and never got past the "installing" rotating circle. I love the design, but is it reliable?

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I've installed Elementary OS in 4 machines and never saw something like that :0
Yes, it's actually really robust and bug-free, I've had several problems with Lubuntu 18 and Linux Mint, not none with Elementary! :D

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Fedora, my favourite, after tried out Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Arch, Gentoo. I have another laptop running Kali.

Recently, Fedora 30 ran into an issue, I was able to rescue it with Kali. πŸ˜‚

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Tiago Dall'Igna • Edited on

Used mint for a while, then changed it to feren

Next was manjaro, but I didn't like that with the roling updates, there are conflicts, and you cant install new software till you resolve them (and this was often happening because of nvidia stuff)

I have been using Pop_OS 18 for about 6 months, and very happy with it

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Mohamed Diouane

Currently, I am using Pop!_OS by System76 i always loved ubuntu with gnome and i found Pop!_OS perfect!

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Debashis Dip

Started with Ubuntu 12.4, Currently using Manjaro Linux with gnome DE

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Herb Wolfe

I use PCLinuxOS on my laptop at home. I have Slackware on a desktop, but it's currently not in use.

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I'm currently using KDE neon at home and Kubuntu at work. I'm going to try NixOS as soon as I can find some time to tinker with my computer.

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Wei Lun

Been using Ubuntu for 2 years

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Sebastiangperez • Edited on

Fedora, i started using it because Ubuntu keeps breaking my soundcard every time i did an update.

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Thomas H Jones II

RHEL/CentOS pay the mortgage, so...

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Arnyminer Z • Edited on

ZorinOS 15, I've tried a bunch of other distros, but none of them convinced me.

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i use kali linux because i can make metasploit and it's help me to pentest my site like a acunetix