What kind of books, novels or movies inspired you to be a better programmer?

prahladyeri profile image Prahlad Yeri ・1 min read

Personally, my all time favorite movie is The Matrix. If you think about it, its entirely based upon virtual reality and programming. The matrix itself is a digital realm and that famous oft repeated phrase from this movie, "red pill or green pill" also has a deep connection to programming.

The second best is probably Iron Man simply because of the AI/Jarvis/Ultron factor.

When it comes to novels, there is one called Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. Its a usual suspense thriller but based on cryptography, I suggest you read it once if you haven't! Other good ones are Artemis Fowl, LOTR and Harry Potter (though all of them aren't exactly about programming!).

What do you watch/read? Please comment.


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I don't know that it was all that inspiring for me, but I don't think it's proper or appropriate to talk about this genre without a moment of appreciation for Hackers. What a weird, terrible, fun movie.

RISC is good.


Sure, those were the days of the hacker culture! I believe programmers back then were far more creative and ahead of their times considering that Linux, GNU, apache, PHP and a whole lot of other stuff got invented back then. Imagine the world today without Linux!


... I'm not sure I can picture a modern world that doesn't have Linux. Talk about ubiquitous!


Die Hard with the hackers lol. Mr. Robot is also well taken in programming community for being realistic.

I also resonate a lot with Ironman with his cool virtual reality models, and gadgets.

I watch a lot of old Unix videos from AT&T Bell Labs those are pure gold


I tend to get inspired by any movie with a focus on using engineering to solve problems. Good examples include The Martian, Interstellar, Hidden Figures, and especially Apollo 13.


Wow, those are pretty much my favorite movies. I've read/listened/watched The Martian a thousand times no kidding.


Ha, I guess we are both obsessed with space then 👍 🚀 🌠


Tron Legacy and Hackers 😊👍


Don't mind me but I got a copy of the original Tron it is equally cool.


The Velveteen Rabbit: If you love something hard enough it will come to life.


My best inspiring series of all time is Person of Interest. That show had everything. Wow


SO GOOD! Action, AI, genius crime solving, uber hackers. A good dog.


GATTACA: No matter the obstacles you face, self imposed or otherwise, hard work yields results.

Also Sneakers - thinking outside the box


Never got inspired this way but it always helped me to stay on track