What are some good sites to find out average salary or freelance income earned by developers?

prahladyeri profile image Prahlad Yeri ・1 min read

And I'm talking about technology wise data like how much do PHP coders earn vs Python coders? Region wise data is even better.

Do you know where to get these stats?


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It's really hard nowadays. Glassdoor is what I would have told you a few years ago, but the data at most companies I have worked for has been heavily doctored and manipulated to inflate average salaries. You'll also start to notice neat tricks where half the reviews are about not being able to make rent every month and the other half are about how generous the company is and how there really aren't any bad things about this job.

I wish discussion of salaries was less taboo; it would force a lot of employers to get honest really quick. I've always been curious why I have to fight for my life for a 5% raise, but if I quit a company they start calling me in a year or two offering a 20% raise to come back. If you needed me that much, why didn't you just pay me fairly when you had the chance?