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Do you use Github or Gitlab to host your FOSS projects?

prahladyeri profile image Prahlad Yeri ・1 min read

Whilst Github has been the defacto code hosting facility for most coders, Gitlab has only recently earned some glory after Microsoft announced their infamous acquisition of Github last year.

At that time, a whole lot of projects migrated to Gitlab if I'm not wrong. At the very least, many of them have set up mirroring so that their Github commits are automatically reflected to Gitlab which they are treating as an insurance (in the rare case that Microsoft pulls a Skype or Nokia out of Github!).

As a FOSS enthusiast, what do you use on a regular basis to host your code? Is it Github or Gitlab?


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I use GitLab.
Not because I distrust/dislike Microsoft but because I like the interface, CI/CD features.


I trust that Microsoft will keep GitHub as it has always been.


Sure dude, we all trust Microsoft. But its not too bad have a few alternatives around, is it?


Yeah you’re right. If Microsoft tries to pull any shit I’ll be switching to GitLab.


I just use GitHub. I'm not worried about my projects because all of them are backed up regularly anyway, which has nothing to do with Microsoft acquisition.


I'm just using Github. No plans to migrate to any other place.