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re: Very true! This make me think of an eternal battle with myself when naming my projects: do you think raw, serious names are more likely to make a p...

Company name is a great idea if you are a small startup and want to use the app as a growth boosting device. Microsoft Office and Windows are good examples of this, people are mostly aware of Microsoft because of these two popular software distributions. Same is the case with openSUSE, I didn't even knew that a company called SUSE existed before I got to know about that Linux distro! Perhaps Fedora is in that same league too (Fedora is a word related to Red Hat).

But even if you don't link your company's name explicitly, your company can still eventually become successful provided the product's brand name is powerful enough to stand on its own. For example, "Ubuntu" has no relation to the word "Canonical" yet everyone associates it to Canonical today.

I think whatever you name it, the name should have a positive vibe around it and not a negative one. Ultimately, the name is just a word, how sincerely you handle your project and what kind of efforts you put into it is what matters the most. But to balance those efforts on the marketing or presentation side, a good name plays a vital role.

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