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The DevOps Revolution

"The DevOps Revolution"

'Before' the dark ages to 'After' DevOps Adoption:

1. Dev Team:

Write Code, "toss it over the wall" => Write Code deploy

2. Ops Team:

Rack servers, deploy code => Write code deploy

3. Servers:

Dedicated physical servers => Elastic virtual servers

4. Connectivity:

Static IPs => Dynamic IPs, Service Discovery

5. Security:

Physical, Strong perimeter, high trust => Virtual, end-to-end, zero trust

6. Infra provisioning:

Manual => Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools

7. Server Configuration:

Manual => Configuration management tools

8. Testing:

Manual => Automated Testing

9. Deployments:

Manual => Automated

10. Deployment Cadence:

Weeks or months => Many times per day

11. Change process:

Change request tickets => Self Service

12. Change cadence:

Weeks or months => Minutes

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