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Myths about DevOps

When a DevOps pattern commonly adopted by other organizations doesn’t work in a specific context and still the organization continues using it, it leads to the adoption of an anti-pattern.

Some of the notable anti-patterns are:

1. An organization needs to have a separate DevOps group.

2. Agile equals DevOps.

3. DevOps is a process.

4. DevOps is development-driven release management.

5. DevOps is not possible because the organization is unique.

6. DevOps is not possible because the people available are unsuitable.

7. DevOps means Developers Managing Production.

8. DevOps will solve all problems.

9. DevOps needs to migrate all development operations at once.

10. Not defining KPIs at the start of a DevOps transition.

11. Reduce the silo-based isolation of development and operations with a new DevOps team that silos itself from other parts of the organization.

Myths about DevOps

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