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A Beginner's Guide to SSH

If you wish to unravel the mystery of SSH and become the master of remote access open this:

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1. Definition:

SSH is a networking protocol that lets us access a remote computer over the internet. It is an application layer protocol that is in the 7th layer of the OSI model.

2. Architecture:

Secure Shell has a client-server architecture. A server administrator installs a server program that accepts/rejects the incoming connections. Besides, a user runs a client program on their system that requests the server. The server listens on HTTP port 22.

3. Benefits of SSH:

-Enables communication between local and remote machines
-Enables remote access to server resources via port-forwarding
-Enables executing commands in the remote host machine
-Enables performing numerous system administration tasks

4. Commands:

Image description

5. Most Used Examples:

Image description

SSH is the secret sauce of DevOps engineers. With its ability to securely access and manage remote servers, automate tasks, and encrypt sensitive information, it's the ultimate power tool for any infrastructure master.

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Anurag Vishwakarma

Hey I'm interested to know how do you create these diagrams ? Btw loved your topics.

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Pragyan Tripathi

We majorly use Figma to create them. Thanks a lot. More great topics on the way. Stay tuned.

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Ben Sinclair

Just a heads up that the Markdown we use here supports syntax highlighting, and is generally more accessible than inserting an image of code. Images of text are an issue for people using screen readers, for example, and their content won't get picked up by the site's search facility.

You can add code blocks with 3 backticks: code block with colors example More details in our editor guide!