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5 Differences you must know between Cloud Engineer and Kubernetes Engineer

As a DevOps engineer, you should get your hands with both Cloud Engineering and K8s Development. But as companies are looking for more specialized roles here are 5 differences that can help you out:

Difference 1:

Cloud Engineer manages the organisation's cloud computing environment, while Kubernetes Engineer manages containerised applications within K8s environment.

Difference 2:

Cloud Engineer broadly focuses on hardware, software and networking components of the cloud provider. While Kubernetes Engineer only focuses on managing components related to Kubernetes.

Difference 3:

Cloud Engineer has a strong understanding of cloud computing platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure. While Kubernetes Engineer has a strong understanding of containers and K8s components in particular.

Difference 4:

Cloud Engineer designs and implements cloud-based solutions and ensures their availability. While Kubernetes Engineer configures and maintains K8s environment and troubleshoots issues related to containerised applications.

Difference 5:

Cloud engineers can grow into roles of Cloud Architects or Solution Architects. While Kubernetes Engineers can get into more specialised roles that is focused into deploying and managing container applications.

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