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10 Reasons why you should learn Clojure

Programming languages I have tried:

♦️ C
♦️ CPP
♦️ Python
♦️ Go
♦️ Javascript
♦️ Clojure

Since Clojure, I haven't looked anywhere else. Here are 10 Reasons why you should learn Clojure:

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1. Functional programming:

Clojure is a functional programming language that encourages immutability and recursion, which are key concepts in data structures and algorithms.

2. Immutable by default:

Immutable data structures are simpler to reason about and debug as they can't be changed once created. This results in fewer bugs and a more predictable codebase.

3. One language to rule them all:

Clojure is a hosted language which is compiled to JVM, JS, or CLR. This means developers can write code in Clojure and have it run on various platforms.

4. Concise & Simple Syntax:

Clojure's simple and expressive syntax makes it easy to understand and implement complex data structures and algorithms.

5. Performant:

Clojure is built on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and benefits from its performance, making it well-suited for data-intensive tasks.

6. Interoperable with Java and JS:

Clojure can easily interact with other JVM languages, giving you the ability to use popular data structures and algorithms libraries.

7. Enables concurrent and parallel programming:

Clojure's support for concurrent and parallel programming allows you to easily create highly performant and concurrent data structures and algorithms.

8. Lisp heritage:

Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, a family of programming languages known for their simple and powerful data structures and algorithms.

9. REPL Driven Development:

Clojure's REPL workflow is a fun and enjoyable. Immediate feedback loop makes learning and working with data structures and algorithms an enjoyable experience.

10. Community:

Clojure has an active and supportive community that provides a wealth of resources and libraries for learning and implementing data structures and algorithms.

Clojure is the perfect language to expand your brain.

Thanks for reading this.

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