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👉Version Control System

Part 1 :)

A version control system is a software tool which enables us to track and undo the changes done in a code ...

  1. Repository= Storage Location *The most popular version control system tool is "Git" used by developers worldwide *

🤫Advantage -

  • using the git command (git status , anyone can see the previous version of code along with the updated one and with this on every single change a commit I'd is created which help others to identify who makes the change)

There are basically 2 types of version Control System :-

1-👀Centralised Version Control System:

Here in the Centralised Version control system every developer has given access to the remote/main repository
from where he can update the code(taking code into the local system from the remote repo) or commit the code (putting code into the remote repository from the local machine)




  1. if the main repo will be corrupted then the data will be lost
  2. System Dependency

2-👀Distributed Version Control System:

Here in The Distributed Version control system, every developer has a local repository(where they can commit their code and [update = make changes] in their code)
with this a copy of there file is maintained in there local repository and to collaborate with other developer they push there files from local repository to remote repository



  1. Collaborative Environment
  2. No system Dependency
  3. if the main repo gets corrupted every developer has their soft copy maintained in their local repository so no data is going to be lost

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