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Pradumna Saraf
Pradumna Saraf

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As a Maintainer - Hacktoberfest 2023


I'm Pradumna, an Open Source and DevOps enthusiast. I enjoy engaging in conversations and educating people about Open Source.


I was maintaining BioDrop. I was mostly reviewing the DevOps side, such as Docker and GitHub Actions-related contributions.

Highs and Lows

The only thing that becomes somewhat intimidating is the reviewing of Pull Requests because it can take a good chunk of time, especially when the contribution is highly technical. However, it's a part of the overall game, and I have a great time.


I always learn so much from contributions, from implementing a new function in JavaScript to adopting the best practices. If you are into open source, I highly recommend maintaining a project; you will learn so much from the people who are contributing to the project.

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Ujjwal Sinha

As a beginner from where should we start?