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Want to improve your code?

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If you are a programmer and write lots a lot of code then it always important to keep a few things in mind like how you want to proceed. But also it is important to set the mentality right if you have intentions for improving your approaches. Here are some tips I believe which helped me a lot in writing and improving my code over the years.

You always have to be patient and trust your gut. Always assume that your code will break. No matter how experienced you are. Just keep calm.

Once you’re able to fix a problem, practice the habit of going through the solution once again. It brings confidence.

You cannot be the best overnight. It takes time and interest. And you need to make an effort for it.

Always observe your code. Once you have written a logic/ code, just compare it with others. Get it reviewed by your peers and get their opinion. And see how better could it be.

Be motivated and if you do not, go get motivation when you want to do something good. Unless you are not, then you cannot improve your code.

If you’ve spent hours writing a program and trying to clean it up the same time or breaking your head, probably it’s a bad idea. Go take a break. Breathe.

End of the day, it’s the happiness and sense of satisfaction you get once you see your work.

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