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Why you should consider Web Application over Desktop for both Present and Future .

Web Applications

  • Web applications are more convenient,than Desktop Application. As, it doesn't requires any installation.

  • As, network speed is increasing and with improved cloud computing, it made or will make possible to use large and heavy applications in our browser itself.

  • Don't want to wait , instantly accessible.

  • Due to advancement of web its easier to build & deploy web applications.

  • Flexible Access. It can be easily accessible all around the globe via laptops, mobile phone , tablets ,etc... you name it (Cross-platform compatibility).

  • Always up-to-date. Since everyone accesses the same version of a web application via a URL, they will always have access to the latest version of the software.

  • With cloud availability, storage space is virtually unlimited.

  • And,Many more!


Web applications have a great future. Many popular desktop application Companies are devloping there alternative Web Apps, As web based app's popularity is rising. As we are human beings, No one likes to wait. We need everything Instantly, this dream is fulfilled by web apps. So, naturally we choose web apps.
And, That's it. Wishing you all a great day ahead!


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