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Is DigiBoxx the right alternative to Google Drive?

We all have limited space available on our smartphones, and with non-expandable storage, cloud-storage is becoming extremely useful for all of us. There are several options like Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Apple’s iCloud, etc.

Until now, there were no best alternatives in India for Google Drive. However, NITI Ayog’s CEO, Amitabh Kant, recently launched DigiBoxx, an Indian Digital Asset Management platform. It is an Indian Digital storage and sharing platform that competes with the giants I mentioned above.

Most of us are familiar with Google Drive, as compared to the other two. Today I want to speak about how DigiBoxx becomes a perfect alternative to Google Drive in India.

Note: When DigiBoxx was launched, I heard the news that Google will no longer be providing unlimited storage for Google Photos from June 1st, 2021. Google will start calculating data usage across services like GMAIL, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

Till now, we all were considering the option of expanding the storage with Google. However, whether you must continue expanding the storage with Google or switch to DigiBoxx will be solved once you read this informative article. I have tried to cover as many reasons as possible to convince you that DigiBoxx is the right choice in India.

First of all, let us understand what is DigiBoxx before we jump onto the reasons for opting DigiBoxx.

What is DigiBoxx?

DigiBoxx is an Indian file storage and sharing platform developed in India. DigiBoxx was launched to support the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan, initiated by India’s honorable Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi.

Why must you select DigiBoxx for all your Digital Asset Management?

Allows files of multiple file-formats - Just like other file storage systems, DigiBoxx also enables you to upload multiple file-formats files like documents, sheets, images, videos, presentations, etc.
Real-Time Access and Editing - You can access your files in real-time and edit them whenever you want. You can access them from your mobile devices or desktop at any point in time.
You can now apply metadata for easy search - Your team can search files after months in a blink of an eye.
Share your files with external users - I feel this is one of the important features of DigiBoxx where you can share your files with external users without having to download and share.
Completely secured asset management - The assets you upload on DigiBoxx remains secured. You can keep one or two admins who will approve access to your files.
100% control over the activities - You can keep 100% control over your assets using the admin console. You can keep track of all the activities performed on your assets.

These are some of the generic features which drove me to start using DigiBoxx. Additionally, a few more extra-ordinary reasons that I think you must know about DigiBoxx are listed below.

DigiBoxx vs. Google Drive

● The newly developed DigiBoxx offers us a free space of up to 20 GB, with a maximum file size of 2 GB in the free version (free account). You can enjoy GMAIL integration, SSL encryption, unlimited external collaborations, and much more with the free account.

● Whereas, in the case of Google Drive, you get free space of up to 15 GB. With the search giant’s announcement regarding space limitation for Google Photos, I don’t know how the future situation will be.

● DigiBoxx also has listed a few plans for individuals, SMBs, and enterprises. The individual plan starts at Rs. 30 per month. SMBs start at Rs. 999 per month. And you can customize your plan for your enterprise requirements. The digital storage space provided by DigiBoxx varies as per the plan you select.

● On the other hand, Google Drive’s basic plan starts at Rs. 130 per month for 100 GB space. If you pay Rs. 30 per month, then DigiBoxx provides you 2 TB space. It is the main differentiating factor where I consider DigiBoxx as the perfect option to store my files.

● Recently WeTransfer was banned in India. DigiBoxx provides a facility to share bigger files up to 2 GB without creating an account on DigiBoxx. The feature is called as InstaShare. You just have to input the receiver’s email address, your email address, phone number, and upload the file while using InstaShare.

● At the time of launch, DigiBoxx team announced that the platform’s data would be stored within India. I don’t know where my data is stored when I upload anything on Google Drive.

DigiBoxx is available for all Android and Desktop users at the moment. However, the DigiBoxx team has assured us that they will launch its iOS version shortly.

Bottom Line

DigiBoxx is a correct alternative to Google Drive if you are a freelancer, SMB, or running an enterprise. It is cost-effective and provides better facilities compared to Google Drive. The DigiBoxx team has tried to answer several questions of mine and yours in their FAQ section. You may go through the same to solve your queries.

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