I have created a chrome extension to paste random data to form fields 🎷πŸ₯

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Hey guys,

Since the last two days I was working on a chrome extension, which can insert fake data to form fields. and finally I have published it in chrome web store, you can check it out ⚑️ here ⚑️

I was tinkering around typescript for a few days and then I thought yes. I should do something with typescript.🀠

And one day my colleague was testing a feature where he needs to fill a lot of forms, he was copying lorem ipsum from one site and pasting it into the form field. I told him, Man... you can do better, check for a chrome extension and you can fill the form easily for testing purpose.

He did a search and found some extensions which were helping him. but still, the copy paste part was involved, (ie: you click on the extension icon, it will give a popup and you need to copy it from there and paste it in the form. ) which of course was not up to the mark.

And moreover there is no support for data like a credit card, names, address, zip code etc... and yes β˜ƒοΈ, I got my idea for a chrome extension and again I can try doing it in typescript and it will be good to learn the chrome API's as well. yay... yay...

I took faker.js as a starting point and it can generate almost any type/amount of fake data as required.and its a widely accepted library for unit testing purpose as well.

But as the project progressed, it took 2 entire nights to figure out the typescript intricacies, and the chrome extension architecture, Then I was like, okay... rather than doing a full-blown extension, let me create a version, where it can give a random text for a given length and publish a beta. Then from there I can keep adding features.

Today I did it 🍾🍾🍾

So at this point, after the installation of the extension, you need to press
Alt + Shift + I, and then give a length in the prompt box. Your last focused input field will be filled with random data.

Extension Url - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/random-text-generator/lmealcdbihjhocippaajjhijhjciaojo
Github Repo - https://github.com/ppshobi/chrome-random-text-generator %}

So guys... please test it out. Let me know the issues here or in the github issues page. If you would like to contribute I would be glad to guide you as well. ❀️❀️❀️

Short Demo Video

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You should read about Fuzzy testing, I think you are on to something :D


Sure... Thanks for the suggestion. I have given basic validation on the input though :)


Nice work Shobi! I'm gonna play around with it and see how I can contribute back.


Both links to a Chrome extension are wrong (leading to a Google's "The requested URL was not found on this server." error page).


That is the worst mistake i have done. :( I have updated the links.



Amazing bro.
So finally you solved my problem from copying from lorem ipsum
Thanks bro