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Discussion on: Please ELI5: Frameworks vs Libraries vs API

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Paweł Ludwiczak

I'm not an expert but I'll try:

  • Framework is like Lego. It provides you pieces you can use to build something.
  • Library is a set of very specific Lego pieces. Pieces that didn't exist in your original set of Lego.
  • API is when you have built a house with Lego and you need Lego guys to live there but you don't want to teach them how to behave (lol this metaphor isn't ideal probably :D)... BUT there's someone out there who built entire city with Lego, including Lego guys. This person is letting you borrow their trained Lego guys and use in you own project...
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Supratim Author

OMG!Thank you very much! The example was very helpful 😄