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Discussion on: Windows and Linux: A Sane Discussion

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Ivan Pozderac • Edited on

Forced updates on Win10 was end of it for me. Somehow every time I did update Win10, it did reset my updates settings, not sure how or why but I didn't want to waste any more time and energy in setting options every time nor in investigating about something that should work out of the box. It was when win10 was still in its early stages.

I used Windows because I was working on .NET projects (they just rolled out first crossover version when I quit my job), but since I changed company I nuked my dual win10/ubuntu boot to just ubuntu.

Machine works faster, due to my chmod-ing sanity and internet browsing hygiene there is no need for antivirus. Also I have to sudo everything, from installation, updates and basically any change that occur on my machine.

I am console gamer, although I do play some games on Linux, GOG has a ton of games that can be run on Linux.

Wine support works but is not so good for some of the things I want to run, so all I really lack on Linux is decent vector software like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. I have decent skills to do what I need in InkScape but never really adapted fully to it.

Friend ask me for support some time ago as he isn't so much into computers, he is mainly using it for internet and games, so he has Windows. This support I gave was the epiphany for me, Linux can be so minimalistic and powerful as Arch is and Win10 will always feel like fully fledged clunky framework that has even that parts that you will never need or use but they are still there, sometimes being obstacle in normal functioning of the machine, especially on older machines (like CPU hogging for sending usage informations to MS via task scheduler which caused PC to freeze and restart itself, so you have to disable that manually - can't believe it but solely disabling task in task scheduler actually solved the issue in a long run).

I just simply want machine that I can use without worrying about OS settings/options, don't get me wrong, I want to make it to my likings, but I prefer for OS to be fully usable from the start, tweaking just here and there without some crazy settings that does absolutely nothing for me but choking the machine. Linux gives me just that, Win10 - not so much.

As a developer I choose to work on MacOs and Linux, never on Windows.

Also I am fan of MacOS, my working laptop is MBP and I like how it simply works in all the areas I need it to work and it is so easy to use for everyone. Also Affinity Designer has mac version, which is plus in my book.

When I have to turn on win machine, I get frustrated every single time for plethora of different reasons that are simply non-existent on MBP or Linux machine.

I like the direction Microsoft is going lately with a lot of their products and acquisitions, I even like the new Edge on Chromium but WindowsOS simply isn't one of those products. Will never use it again as my first or second choice.

I know that I may regret this as it was really unpopular opinion but I even liked Microsoft phone more than Android at the time when it was still alive - not talking about quality of apps, but the system UX.

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