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re: Hey Clay, just wanted to ask that, did you have any moments when you thought "Should we even be doing this?" (I get demotivated midway in projects ...

Oh totally. I have that idea litteraly every week! We're still trying to gain more traction in the market so it's always there.

One thing that helps me is it's still fun! I like building for DropConfig. The challenges are fun and it's still interesting to me.
I think that's a big aspect.

But also sometimes you do have to know when to quit. And think: Okay I don't love this idea and it's not longer fun either.
You didn't waste your time you learned a lot! And maybe the next idea you have will get more attention and you'll love it more.

Final thing is getting together the core idea. Not getting distracted going off into other paths initially until you have something to show people. An MVP. Then you can reassess where you're at after some feedback

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