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Web Monetization for games

Ben Peachey
・2 min read

What I built

A proposal to expand the Web Monetization <meta> tag for games.
This could then be used as a basis for a JS implementation.
It could eventually lead to a new specification proposal if the usage scenario is common enough amongst other content as well.

Submission Category: Creative Catalyst

This projects use existing Web Monetization technology (the <meta> tag) to explore the creation, distribution, and discoverability of online games.


Since this is an idea/proposal, there is no working demonstration.

Link to Code

The idea is basically to do this:

<meta name="monetization" content="$" >
<meta name="monetization-mode" content="allow-payback;asynchronous" />

To allow turn-based (asynchronous) rather than time-based (synchronous) payments.

This is explained in more detail here:

How I built it

First I brainstormed my initial idea and tried to capture it in words.

Next I searched online to see if this (or a similar idea) had already been proposed or implemented elsewhere.

To make sure I understood the technical and practical limitations, I read the Web Monetization Specifications, Interledger Protocol V4 Specifications, W3C Interledger Payment Method specifications, and Web Monetization Documentation.

Then I continued working in my writing. During writing I referenced

When I was done (or actually, when time ran out) I posted my writing here.

Additional Resources/Info

I plan to expand my submission into a full-on application for the Grant for the Web CFP before June 12.

Due to a lack of time during the hackathon, I could not create an implemenation, only documentm my idea.

If my proposal gets accepted, I will be able to create the JS implementstion that will bring this idea into reality.

Discussion (1)

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Andrzej Mazur

Fingers crossed for getting the proposal accepted as it does sound really promising!