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Join Postman for Google Summer of Code

To all folks new to Open Source but interested in APIs:

Google Summer of Code is around the corner and Postman was able to join the group of mentoring orgs. This means we're offering a bunch of projects from OpenAPI, JSON Schema, AsyncAPI and Collection Format to work on as a newcomer to Open Source. Never contributed before? This is for you. You're an eager learner in the field of API technologies? Come join us. You want to contribute to the awesome work API Specifications are doing every day? Hello!

Google Summer of Code, GSoC, is an established summer school for people new to contributing to Open Source. You don't have to be a student to participate. Your commitment is to spend 175 or 350 hours (depending on the project you choose) coding to extend an existing Open Source project. There's suggestions on what to develop from all kinds of organisations, but of course, Postman is the coolest to choose. Why? Because we care for APIs, which are the underpinning of all the tech out there. If you understand the API lifecyle and its impact in our modern world, you can literally work everywhere.

So throw your summer plans overboard, and apply for a GSoC contributor in 2023. We'd love to work with you.

There's only two things you need to know and do until March 20, 2023

1) Move over to and learn about the program. If you're accepted, you'll earn $$ for contributing to Open Source. How cool is that.

2) Visit, choose from our list of projects and show us that you can be that awesome contributor you always wanted to be.

Don't wait too long!

We're looking forward to seeing you drop into our repos issues. (Hint: that's GitHub slang for visiting our repositories, heading over to the Issues section and start commenting and letting people know what your ideas are. No worries, you'll learn it all during this summer!)

Yours truly
Open Source Program Office at Postman <3

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Gloria Asuquo

What level of Developer can contribute to this project?

jansche profile image
Jan Schenk (he/him)

Hi @glowreeyah
difficulty levels are described in the project ideas. They range from easy to medium. No tough ones and only projects that the team would engage on themselves.