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Node-RED from the basics to beyond in June

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In the month of June my colleague John Walicki (@johnwalicki) and I decided to do a series on Node-RED. This series showed users how to work with Node-RED on IBM Cloud to create event-driven applications . In part one of this series John and I go over Node-RED essentials and we build a text analyzer application using Watson APIs . In part two we go over building UI dashboards with Node-RED and finally in part three we take all the concepts from part 1 and 2 to build an interactive end to end application.

If you missed our series check out these resources and the replay to each event :

Part 1 : Node-RED Essentials

Check out the full replay of event here : https://www.crowdcast.io/e/node-red-series

Slides for event : https://slides.com/poojamistry/node-red-series1

Workshop : https://github.com/pmmistry/Node-RED-Series/blob/master/Labs/lab_1.md

Part 2 : Node-RED Dashboard and UI Techniques

Check out the full replay of event here : https://www.crowdcast.io/e/node-red-series-2

Slides for event : https://slides.com/poojamistry/node-red-part-2

Workshop : https://github.com/pmmistry/Node-RED-Series/blob/master/Labs/lab_2.md

Part 3 : Node-RED End to End

Check out the full replay of event here : https://www.crowdcast.io/e/node-red-series-3

Slides for event : https://slides.com/poojamistry/node-red-series-part-3

Workshop : https://github.com/pmmistry/Node-RED-Series/blob/master/Labs/lab_3.md

I hope this blog helps you as you begin your Node-RED Journey ! Register for IBM Cloud to get started with Node-RED on IBM Cloud! Make sure you check out IBM Developer for more resources, tutorials, blogs, code patterns and content in the Node-RED Space!

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