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Building, Training, Testing and Deploying ML Models in May

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In the month of May my colleague Jenna Ritten (@jritten ) and I decided to do a series on building, training, testing and deploying AI/ML models! This series showed users how to use Watson Studio which is an interactive, collaborative, cloud-based environment where data scientists can use multiple tools to activate their insights.

The goal of this series was to show the various tools that can be used within Watson Studio such as Visual Recognition, Natural Language Classifier , Auto AI and Juypter Notebooks. With this series we wanted to empower new and experienced data scientists with the knowledge and ability to train and deploy models in an effective and collaborative way.

If you missed our series check out these resources and the replay to each event :

Part 1 : Building and Deploying Models w/ Visual Recognition and Natural Language Classifier

Check out the full replay of event here :

Slides for event : https://slides.com/poojamistry/custommodels#/

Workshop :

Part 2 : Building and Deploying models with AutoAI

Check out the full replay of event here : https://developer.ibm.com/events/ai-ml-masterclass-part-2-building-and-deploying-models-with-autoai/

Slides for the event : http://ibm.biz/wsmasterclassautoai_slides

Workshop : https://github.com/IBM-Developer-Austin/autoai

Part 3 : Building and Deploying models with Jupyter Notebooks

Check out the full replay of event here : https://developer.ibm.com/events/ai-ml-masterclass-part-3-building-and-deploying-models-with-jupyter-notebooks/

Slides for the event : https://slides.com/poojamistry/jupyternotebooks#/

Workshop : ibm.biz/jupyterworkshop

Register for IBM Cloud to get started with Watson Studio! Make sure you check out IBM Developer for more resources, tutorials, blogs, code patterns and content in the AI/ML Space!

I hope this blog helps you as you begin your AI/ML journey ! Give me a follow if you like this post, or follow me on Twitter @poojamakes to see what other webinar series I will be teaching next!🙂

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