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GitHub Action to run mypy on changed files only

Recently, I needed a way to perform Python static type checking using mypy only on "changed" files for a GitHub Pull Request.

So I googled a bit and found out this super useful action that you can use it in your workflow right away.

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:octocat: Github action to retrieve all (added, copied, modified, deleted, renamed, type changed, unmerged, unknown) files and directories.

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Retrieve all changed files and directories relative to a target branch, preceeding commit or the last remote commit returning a relative paths from the project root.

Table of contents


  • Fast execution (0-10 seconds on average).
  • Easy to debug.
  • Scales to large repositories.
  • Supports Git submodules.
  • Escaped JSON output which can be used to run matrix jobs based on changed files.
  • List changed directories.
  • Restrict the max depth of changed directories.
  • Write outputs to a .txt or .json file at a specified location for further processing.
  • Monorepos (Fetches a fixed number of commits).
  • Supports all platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows).
  • GitHub-hosted runners support
  • GitHub Enterprise Server support.
  • self-hosted runners support.
  • List all files and directories that have changed
    • Between the current pull request branch and the last commit on the…

And after customizing some options like filter only *.py files, I was able to run mypy passing the changed files as argument.

It's worth to mention that I needed to include --ignore-missing-imports argument to mypy because I'm not scanning the whole repo, only some files. The goal of course is to check them all. However, a lot of fixes should be made before it's ready.

This solution can be very useful to you if you want to include static type checking for new files on a legacy project where existing files will be fixed little by little.

name: "mypy check"
on: [pull_request]


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - uses: actions/setup-python@v3
        python-version: '3.x'
    - run: pip install mypy  # you can pin your preferred version
    - name: Get Python changed files
      id: changed-py-files
      uses: tj-actions/changed-files@v23
        files: |
    - name: Run if any of the listed files above is changed
      if: steps.changed-py-files.outputs.any_changed == 'true'
      run: mypy ${{ steps.changed-py-files.outputs.all_changed_files }} --ignore-missing-imports

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Happy type-safety!

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