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The (Free) Tech Conference You Must Check Out Today

As you can see in the video above, Pluralsight Live! 2020 is in full swing!

This year is really exciting. Like most tech conferences, it's 100% virtual now, and also 100% FREE.

The Pluralsight Platform is also 100% Free this week! Click here to get started

Not only are we streaming on major platforms, but we have man other sessions you can Sign up for that are awesome!

Pluralsight Live is:

Engaging - Don't expect a virtual event where people talk at you. This conference is about equipping technologists like you with the knowledge you need to think (and do!) bigger.

Unbiased - We're not shilling for a specific technology or vendor. You'll hear from experts from across the tech landscape.

Tactical - You won't get shallow observations by people who are disconnected from the day-to-day. You'll get real world advice from people on the frontlines, so you can put what you learn into practice right away.




Common's artistic talent is undeniable. He's one Tony Award away from becoming an EGOT—and that's not mentioning his Golden Globe and plethora of other prestigious awards. But what makes him even more electrifying and unique is his ability to change people's perspectives. He's committed to helping audiences everywhere find the power of their own voice, and we can't wait for him to help you feel more confident using yours at Pluralsight LIVE.

Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

She made Tesla pickup trucks cool before Tesla did. Simone is a self-proclaimed non-engineer with major street cred. Watch her make the Truckla and more on her YouTube channel before she blows your mind at LIVE.

Joanna Pena Bickley

Joanna Pena Bickley

Joanna is known as "the mother of Cognitive Experience Design," and we think it's a well-earned title! She's a design technologist propelled by a multidisciplinary acumen in design, data, media, and technology. Her insatiable curiosity moves the C-suite beyond obvious ideas and products and toward enduring market-making experiences for the connected era

And many more. You can view the whole speaker lineup here.


There are tons of sessions available. Did I mention this is all FREE?

Pluralsight Live! 2020

I will be doing sessions for All Hands on Tech Live! With some amazing people:

So be sure to Sign up now, it's 100% Free and has something for everyone!!

If you have any questions, hit me up!

Preview Day:

Day One:

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