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Tech Career AMA!!

Tech Career AMA

Note: Our AMA was completed. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Click here to watch it!

Are you a technologist looking to advance in your career? Or maybe you're interested in transitioning to tech? In this live AMA, our panel of professionals will answer your questions about growing a career in technology. Featuring:

We will be doing this LIVE AMA at 1PM ET, on YouTube.

Ask us anything you want about:

  • Getting started in Tech
  • Advancing in Tech
  • Transitioning from another field into Tech
  • Moving into Management
  • Engineer career paths

and whatever else comes to mind!

We love Dev.TO!!

We love the Dev.TO community and being a part of it. You can ask questions here as well and we'll address them on the live stream, and/or answer them here!

Anything you'd like to know about tech and tech careers, feel free to ask! Join us tomorrow or ask your question here!

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Swastik Baranwal

Why do big companies generally hire people who have degree from a reputed colleges? I mean the it's based on skills not on college.

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Sebastian Vargr • Edited

TL;DR because, circle of trust.

Skill validating is expensive/time-consuming,
by having a college/degree in your circle of trust, you can cut back on work required to hire people. :)

Prior experience and references from reputable companies can have the same effect.
Arguably they can count even more, depending on how the hiring company defines their circle of trust.

Edit: Yes, this does mean companies miss out on talent, but they save money in return.

Edit 2, did a google, i'm surprised CoT is not talked about more, it's a core concept for decision making.

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Swastik Baranwal

This is fine but they should also look out for people who have skills..

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Sebastian Vargr

Maybe i misunderstood, can you elaborate more? :)

To find the skill, they need to see it first, CoT is a way to do that.