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All Pluralsight Content is Free in April

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Times are tough right now. The world is struggling with this pandemic, and folks are staying inside to help stop the spread. Pluralsight has just announced that they're opening up the entire platform for April. They're making all 7,000 courses and other content completely free for the month, no credit card needed.

We are all in this together. This is a great time to leverage the platform to build up skills.

If you're curious about what Pluralsight is and how you can use it, here's how I use Pluralsight:

So if you're interested in signing up, what can you do on Pluralsight?

See Where You Stand with SkillIQ

Pluralsight's SkillIQ is an excellent way to gauge your knowledge about a topic.

How good are your JavaScript Skills??

With SkillIQ you can see exactly where your skills are, and where you can improve.

How good are your JavaScript Skills??

Here are some great SkillIQs you can take right now in about 10 minutes:

Take some of these tests, and see where you're at. Tag me on Twitter with your results!!

Take a Skill Path

React Skill Path

Skill paths are an excellent way to go from beginner to expert quickly. They are a gathering of courses specific to a skill or role you're looking for. For instance, the one above is a React path, with over 40 hours of course instruction specific to React, from the very beginning of setting up a website to advanced topics.

Here are some awesome skill paths to try out:

You can view the full list of skill paths here!

Check out a Tech Conference

Online Tech Conferences

With the quarantining happening tech conferences are a no go. Thankfully you don't have to miss out on some great conference content!

Here are some awesome conferences you can check out:

And many more!!

Stay Home. Skill Up.

It's our responsibility to stay home and stop the spread of this virus. If we're going to be cooped up in our homes we may as well skill up, right? I'm incredibly proud to be a part of a company that cares enough to help out in this time of need.

Sadly many companies are forced to layoff people or stop operations altogether. Tech folks in this position can take advantage of these courses to skill up for their next position. Use this to your advantage and sign up now!

If you have any questions about this, or just want to share your story, reach out to me or leave a comment here on Dev.to, I'd love to hear about it!

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Hi Jeremy, am I correct in reading that this only allows up to 200 minutes of content for all courses which aren't already free? I tried to use this promotion and was told I needed to sign up for an account, and that was one of the restrictions.


Thanks @jeremy and @Pluralsight for this nice gesture, I have also shared the news on our Medium publication with some curated list of courses for Java developers, medium.com/javarevisited/top-10-pl....


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