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Insomnia - transform Collection to Document.

This post comes from a series of short tips, where I publish brief stories on how I resolve every day small (and sometimes easy) issues.

Some time ago, Insomnia added a new type of project called Document Design. It allows you to group and share API specifications, requests, and unit tests in one application. 

The implementation of this change has brought forth the following result: there are now two types of workspace - Design Document and Request Collection. Having run the research, I discovered that the new features may be attractive for me and might improve my work with APIs. This has encouraged me to try a new type.

However, I came across one problem: how to transform one project type into another. A built-in feature is nowhere to be found. So, the first thing I did was create a ticket to support. The answer came in immediately (big thanks to Insomnia's support). Next, following the support’s suggestion, I created the issue on Github. But…I needed solutions for that moment. Thus, I compared two import files and found certain differences, the result of which I‘m presenting the instructions below. 

When you have a project of Request Collection type in Insomnia and you’d like to transform it into Document Design type, you must follow these steps:

  1. Export current project (Request Collection) with Insomnia v4 JSON format.
  2. Remove this project from Insomnia.
  3. Open the exported file in your favorite text editor. 
  4. Find JSON section where parameter _type has value workspace.
  5. Change the value of parameter scope from collection to design.
  6. Import (go to Application -> Preferences -> Data -> Import -> From File) this document as the new project. 

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bN • Edited

Thank you, I had a lot of collections and it was pretty easy and quick to convert them to Document following your instructions.