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7 Promising Hotel Management & Booking Apps Built with JavaScript

Today we talk about hotel management and reservation systems aimed to streamline day-to-day administrative operations, get room reservations, and enhance the overall guest experience.

This article includes examples of ready-made demo templates of JavaScript UI widgets and open-source projects that can be used to build fully-fledged hotel management apps. We’ll be pleased to discuss more solutions if you share them in the comments below. Let’s get started!

Hotel management templates by DHTMLX

This JavaScript hotel management system is composed of logically-arranged UI widgets that you can build in your web or enterprise app. The demo enables users to visualize hotel room occupancy, manage check-ins, and receive notifications. It’s feasible for storing large data sets since the DHTMLX library provides dynamic rendering.

Each and every component supports a wide configuration via a comprehensive API. Thus, for example, you can improve the data grids behavior by setting frozen columns, inline editing, multiselection of items, and drag-n-drop. Users may add new data, sort, and filter content according to their requirements, and also export data to Excel or CSV.

The hotel management project is designed according to the Material UI guidelines by default. However, you can modify every aspect of the components’ look and feel by creating new CSS classes with custom settings and applying them to the proper element. Besides, you can attach any of the 20+ components as well as other DHTMLX libraries and arrange them in the required structure.

This template is compatible with Angular, React, Vue.js., and provides built-in support for TypeScript.

Let’s take one more example of the hotel management demo. It’s a simple but effective HTML5/JavaScript hotel room reservation calendar with PHP backend and MySQL as a database. The demo is based on the DHTMLX Scheduler library that allows scheduling hotel reservations and can be integrated into an existing app to build full-fledged reservation software.

This hotel booking calendar supports room filtering by the number of beds, enables viewing their status (dirty, clean, or ready for check-in), and the status of booking (confirmed, paid, or checkout). Users can change the duration of stay manually in the event settings or simply by dragging it right in the timeline. Plus, this demo app displays tooltips for events and allows moving to the current date by pressing the button Today.

DHTMLX room booking system is completely customizable. You can empower its functionality by adding custom elements as well as changing the overall appearance via rich API or custom CSS classes. Besides, this demo app provides simple integration with any server-side technology, including Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and ASP.NET.

DevExtreme hotel booking app

DXHotels is an editable sample of the hotel booking web app assembled from DevExtreme widgets. The functionality includes user login, hotel search by location, check-in/check-out dates, number of rooms, and guests. Users can filter data to choose from the options with the desirable nightly rate, customer, and location ratings.

Each hotel page displays a carousel with hotel and room images, location peculiarities, and guest reviews. Users can explore the hotel room description and book the most convenient option by expanding text panels attached one under another.

The DevExtreme toolkit includes 50+ JavaScript UI widgets, each of which can be added to your hotel booking web app. It supports integrations with Angular, React, Vue, jQuery, and ASP.NET frameworks.

Treebnb hotel booking project

treebnb-hotel booking
Treebnb is an open-source clone of the vacation rental marketplace Airbnb, but with a charming treehouse theme. The project is built with JavaScript/React on the frontend and the backend of Rails and PostgreSQL.

The functional live demo enables users to sign up for an account, search and view treehouses for rent, and book reservations. It supports Google Maps integration to improve the search for a vacant treehouse for an unforgettable vacation. In the future, this hotel booking app will allow users to leave reviews, display amenities of each treehouse, and include a map box on each item’s page discovering its location.

Telerik hotel management project

The demo app is made up of Telerik UI widgets and intended to be used for building Windows Forms. The project replicates hotel reservation software stylized with the Material Theme. It includes 5 tabs: Overview with hotel room statuses and the number of beds, Bookings, Schedule, Housekeeping, and Reporting.

The toolbox consists of 140+ controls and 20+ themes. Therefore, you can extend the default functionality of the hotel management sample app by attaching other widgets. You can also modify the entire look and feel using custom CSS classes or creating new themes with the Visual Style Builder tool.

DayPilot hotel room booking

You can implement a simple JavaScript booking system using the DayPilot Scheduler component with PHP/MySQL backend. The demo app allows creating, moving, and updating reservations with drag-and-drop, filtering hotel rooms by capacity, and assigning status to each reservation by highlighting a duration bar.

It’s possible to configure the behavior of your room booking demo with a DayPilot JS API. Besides, the appearance may also be modified using the default theme or custom CSS classes. You can use this booking app with Angular, React, Vue.js, and jQuery.

Hotel101 booking system

Hotel101 is an open-source hotel booking web app built with React and Tailwind CSS on the frontend, and Laravel on the backend. The demo app mimics the functionality of an accustomed hotel reservation system. Users can create an account and search for hotels using dates of stay, the number of guests, and the city name.

After selecting specific options and then pressing the button Search on the main page, users may filter the list of available hotels to show items with the desired amount of hotel stars, price range, and features. Each hotel page contains several room descriptions with photos, price, and amenities provided as well as guest reviews and a location map.

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Worawat Kaewsanmuang

These are some awesome booking apps listed here that are built entirely on JavaScript. The UI and features are just amazing, just goes to show what JavaScript is capable of. There are also some amazing booking apps that are built for mobile application purposes. If you would like to know about these then, you should go ahead and check out some of the most amazing Flutter Airbnb app templates that offer state-of-the-art UI as well as awesome features.

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Pavel Lazarev Author

That's a great example, thanks for sharing it!