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Rubén Martín Pozo for Playtomic

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We need to integrate a chat solution in our app. What do you recommend?

We are looking for a chat solution for our app. We are currently evaluating the following products:

Do you have any experience with these frameworks that you can share with us? Would you recommend any others? I'll be extending this post with our experience and findings


If you want to know how the story ended up take a look at this post

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Daniel Miranda • Edited on

We recently integrated TalkJS into our web app. I personally worked a lot with it and it has a nice API, straight forward concepts, dashboard to see the conversations and different pricing levels. It comes with UI components that you integrate into your app and get going. I have a good concept of it.

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When you looking to integrate a chat solution for your app. These are must have features

Features Like:
• Communication Essentials
• Team Collaboration
• Chat & Analytics
• Push to Talk
• End to End Security

Each chat solutions must have customizable in app chat functionalities and verbal exchange mediums which include text, video and voice chat. Chat answer is armed customizable API and SDKs to integrate chat into any apps and redefine the communique between the users and specialists.

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Meghan (she/her)
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Phil Nash

Thanks @nektro !

Hi @rmarpozo , I'm a developer evangelist at Twilio. Would be happy to answer any questions you have about Chat and help you get started with it. Just let me know!

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Rubén Martín Pozo Author

Hi, we really like your chat API but we don't find any UI for it. We wouldn't like to have to build the UI from scratch. We've heard something about Twilio Frame but we don't quite understand how it will help creating a chat UI.


Thread Thread
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Phil Nash

Twilio Frame was intended to be a UI for Chat, however it ended up superseded by Twilio Flex.

Right now, outside of Flex, we don't provide prebuilt UIs.

I did recently write up how to use the Kendo conversational UI to build a chat with Twilio Chat which you might be interested in?

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