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An industry first: Get a 3% greener-region discount with Upsun

Get a 3% discount on your resource usage when you choose to deploy on a greener region with Upsun! 💚

To further our support for developers and organizations who strive to reduce their carbon footprints, we're now offering a 3% discount on your Upsun resource usage when you choose to deploy to a data center in one of six, incentive-eligible greener regions.

So how does it work? 👀

  1. The discount applies to application CPU, application memory, service CPU, service memory, and build resources on a project level—empowering Upsun users to save on money and emissions, one deployment at a time.
  2. The discount doesn’t apply to project fees, storage, or other dimensions involved in your project.
  3. If you have multiple projects within an organization, the discount will only apply to the projects hosted on incentive-eligible, greener data-center regions.

How to access your greener-region discount 💡

  1. Beginning in March 2024, when you create a new project on Upsun, you’ll be prompted to select a region of your choice in the console. Eligible, greener data-center regions are identified by a green-leaf icon.
  2. Simply select one of these greener regions to receive your 3% discount.
  3. If you already have current projects on Upsun, you can manually migrate them to an eligible, greener data-center region by following these steps.
  4. To check if the discount has been applied, navigate to the project’s billing page or to the invoice page, both found under the billing tab.
  5. Projects hosted on eligible, greener data-center regions can be identified by the same green-leaf icon you see when your discount is applied.

Happy, greener hosting! 💚

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