Discussion on: My Productivity Boosters — A random collection of tricks and tools — What are yours?

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Patrik Kristian

Interesting. in area of keyboard i MUST have ThinkPad one. absolutly must for me. i remap capslock and windows keys to F13 abd F14... but to be honest i do not use them much. they are more like dead keys.

about getting in zone helps me:

  • setting “moon” mode on phone (or also called stfu mode) :) and fliping it faced to the table
  • setting DND on mail extension in browser
  • playing music, good headphones are best- closed ones, so in the zone you will no hear even tank
  • green tea

for note taking i use post in notes and whiteboard
i just didnt found right tool for task tracking, so i keep most of it in my head
(i find Trello bulky and i feel it dont show enought information on given space- even on my UHD display i see thin column with messages and it drives me crazy)
i am like more for “ github issues” style of work.
i was thinking about trying Jira, or any oher suggestions. :)