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Nice wrap up.
Me as mainly PHP dev i use theese under Win10:

PHPStorm- for all code related
Git-bash - as my terminal inside PHPStorm
Total Commander- for file handling and SFTP connections
KiTTY - for talking to my beloved Debians
Docker-for running all the stuff.

All except Docker portable and saved in Tresorit.
So, my setup is backed up.

On host machine i need installed only Docker, Chrome, Tresorit and i am ready to go.


What do you use for container management?


beside per-project docker-compose setup... nothing. i manage most of the stuff via bash

Sweet. That's what I have too mostly. I lately used docker plugin in VS code to manage containers, liked it.

I tried to use PHPStorm integrated Docker features and it was disapointment for me (confuguring of container was pain-in-the-ass and it didnt had features i needed., so i embranced cli (and docker-compose.yml) and i am totally happy with it.

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