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5 non tech podcasts you should listen to

If you have a longer commute, podcasts are really good to utilize that time. There's some really amazing technical podcasts out there. but sometimes after along day at work, you are not up to listing to any more tech talk but you still want to gain some value out of it. That's where this blog post can help you.

Below are the 5 non tech podcasts you should absolutely subscribe to

Soft skills podcast is not not really a tech one(get it 👈🏻). Dave and Jamison are the most hilarious duo. I can't tell you how many times I burst out laughing in a silent train to get strange looks from people. With all the fun you always end up learning something.

If you are a science trivia connoisseur, Curiosity is just the podcast for you. It'll just take 10 minutes of your time (lesser when you 2x ;)) and you always end up learning something interesting. I enjoy this podcast so much, there's just so much out there that we don't know.

All the economy aficionados will love this one. Planet money's tagline says, Economy explained. and it does just that. I like to know, what'a happening in the world. Sometimes we listen to some economy related news, without knowing why certain thing is happening and how it is all connected. Planet money does a great job explaining the little things.

This one will overcharge you with full of inspiration. Innovators from different backgrounds talk about how they build their company. There are such beautiful inspirational stories. For me, when I listen to something like this, it sets a positive and productive tone for the whole day.

This the goto podcast when you've had a busy day, stressed about something or deal with anxiety. As the name suggests it's little nuggets of relaxation and mindfulness to leave the stressful parts of days behind you.

Thank you for reading! 🙏

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nikhilponnuru profile image
Nikhil ponnuru • Edited

To add to your list

  1. The Knowledge Project: Talks and explores various ideas and methods which saves our time sometimes to know what works and what doesn't work.

  2. The Tim Ferris Show: Interviews with many successful people

  3. The Naked Scientists special: Science stuff

yucer profile image

There's some really amazing technical podcasts out there...

I did like your non-technical selection, you let me motivated to find out the technical ones.

Also is there some article comparing the best software tools to download, manage, and play podcasts ?

I have just recently started to hear some of them, so I am learning. Before that I was a very visual info consumer. :-)

Tank you for the compilation.

piyukore06 profile image
Priyanka Kore

Thank you for your appreciation. I actually planned to write a compilation of tech podcasts but all the one’s I listen to seemed like most people would know about them so I decided to write about non tech ones

Wow, I never even thought about softwares like that.. thank you for bringing this idea to attention .. I would be sure to research about that, would love to know more

josemunoz profile image
José Muñoz

Great post! I listen to Planet Money 'cause I'm good with computers but I suck at money management. Another podcast I really like is "We Study Billionaires" which is a lot like "How I built this"

piyukore06 profile image
Priyanka Kore

Thanks.. Yes Planet Money always has these informative topics..and I will definitely check out “We study Billionaires”

sweetnandha profile image

Thanks for your information...

desi profile image

I LOVE How I Built This, it's fascinating to listen to those stories.

Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me! and This Sounds Serious are two other favorites.

piyukore06 profile image
Priyanka Kore

Haha .. I had to read it twice to understand what you wanted to say 😂

ishandavenport profile image

99% invisible (Although this MAY be tech related)

My Favorite Murder

Reply All

anthrogan profile image
Anth Rogan

Triforce podcast is a absolute must listen tbh.

piyukore06 profile image
Priyanka Kore

That seems like an interesting format. I'll be sure to give it a listen. Thanks for your recommendation!!

andrejnaumovski profile image
Andrej Naumovski

The Ground Up Show from Matt D'Avella is a fantastic non-technical podcast.